FIFA 22 Shapeshifters Team 2 Release Date

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When will the second FIFA 22 Shapeshifters team be released?

After not making an appearance in FIFA 21, fans have longed since hoped and speculated that the Shapeshifters promotion would make its grand return in FIFA 22. Throughout FIFA 22's release there has been leaks, rumors, and fan outcry for the promotional event to return, and on June 17, EA released FIFA 22's iteration of Shapeshifters.

On launch, Shapeshifters came with very high rated cards for Lionel Messi, Heung-Min Son, and Real Madrid's Eden Hazard. Not only that, but Shapeshifters Team 1 included the cards mentioned above and 11 additional cards of popular players.

FIFA 22 Shapeshifters Team 2 Release Date

With every big name FIFA promotional event, there are multiple teams released per event. Shapeshifters seems to be following that trend, with a second team already confirmed.

EA will be adding Team 2 this Friday, June 24. There is no confirmation on what players are being added, but Youtuber FUT Master put his predictions out on June 19, citing that he thinks there is a high potential for a new Cristiano Ronaldo card to be joining the already stacked Shapeshifters line up.

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