FIFA 22 Shapeshifters Team 3: 5 Heroes We Want

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5 heroes we want for FIFA 22 Shapeshifters Team 3.

FIFA's Shapeshifters promotional event made it's highly anticipated return on June 17, and since then there has been two teams of players released.

Team 1 was highlighted by a 99 overall Lionel Messi, while a 99 overall Cristiano Ronaldo took the center stage for Team 2. With the promotional event ending soon, there has been plenty of leaks and rumors circulating around Shapeshifters third team, mostly due to a pink border surrounding a mysterious card leading fans to believe that new heroes will be released.

FIFA 22 Shapeshifters Team 3: 5 Heroes We Want

With the involvement of heroes a real chance for Shapeshifters third team, here are 5 heroes we want to see join the promotional event:

1. David Ginola

Ginola is a French wing player that many fans have wanted to see included in a promotional event for a while now, and with heroes taking the center stage, it's the perfect time for EA to include him. If Ginola was to be Shapeshifted, he'd most likely wreak havoc as a striker.

2. Jorge Campos

Jorge Campos could potentially be the first goalkeeper to transition over to striker. If EA incorporates the Mexican legend, fans could be treated to one of the most unique cards in FIFA. Shapeshifters so far has stayed away from goalkeepers, so hopefully that trend will end with Team 3

3. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Solskjaer is the one player that most leaks use as their proof of heroes coming to Shapeshifters. Even if his inclusion isn't a surprise, Solskjaer would be an outstanding card for players to add to their ultimate team.

4. Fernando Morientes

The Spanish legend already has a solid hero card, but Shapeshifters can bring the striker to a whole new level. We could see him transition to center back or on the wing with a boost in pace and dribbling, making him an offensive nightmare for opponents.

5. Sami Al-Jaber

Al-Jaber takes the last spot on our list. The 86 overall striker is already a solid hero card, but could become elite if it gets selected to join Shapeshifters. With stats in the mid to high eighties, a position change to left wing and a boost in pace could propel Al-Jaber to a must have card.