FIFA 22 Team of the Season Prime Gaming Pack Release Date

Photo courtesy of EA Sports and Amazon

FIFA 22's highly anticipated Team of the Season promotion is on the horizon. Players are already looking for any possible way to get extra packs to get the players they want.

Fortunately, EA does allow players to get monthly free Prime Gaming packs if they have an Amazon Prime account. These packs typically contain two 82+ player picks, seven gold rare players, a high profile loan player, and some assorted consumables for the club. With the release of the April Prime Gaming pack on April 20, players are looking at the May release as the one extra boost that might get them the TOTS player they'll use for the rest of FIFA 22's lifecycle.

When is the FIFA 22 TOTS Prime Gaming Pack Released?

As of now, the FIFA 22 TOTS Prime Gaming pack is set to release on May 23, in the middle of the La Liga TOTS promo. This is sure to get fans excited, as any extra chance to get Karim Benzema's future TOTS card is sure to put any FIFA fan on notice.

If players have an Amazon Prime account, getting these extra awards is easy, and worth the couple minutes of your time it will take. Connecting your Amazon and FIFA account will allow you access to monthly rewards, and a greater chance at hitting big during TOTS soon.