FIFA 22 Versus Promotion Announced; Dec. 10 Release Date

Photo by EA Sports

FIFA 22 Versus was announced as the new promotion coming to Ultimate Team on Dec. 8.

It seems FUT Freeze has been replaced for this year's Ultimate Team cycle. The promotion had a one-year shelf life after it replaced FUTMAS. Now, it seems that promotion has been canned in favor of a new Versus themed event. The teaser loading screen features two card types, giving off at theme of fire and ice. There's also a chance that this event is part one of a holiday event with Freeze coming later in December.

FIFA 22 Versus Promotion Announced: Dec. 10 Release Date

There was a big leak regarding FUT Freeze detailing the full promotional squad coming to packs. Despite the promotion now being called Versus, perhaps this squad remains true.

The idea of a Versus theme calls players back to themed player pick SBCs from past promotions like Rulebreakers. EA Sports would release two promotional items for one player and the user would get to choose which one they would want after submitting the requirements. Christopher Nkunku was one of the most popular SBCs released this year in this form and is still being used in most squads.

EA Sports has a boatload of opportunities to explore with this promotion theme. The fire and ice theme can lend itself to:

  • An offensive version and a defensive version
  • A five-star skills item and a five-star weak foot item
  • A left sided player and a right sided player

This might end up being one of, if not the best promotions of the year if EA Sports nails the content.

FIFA 22 Versus starts Dec. 10 at 1 p.m. ET.