FIFA 22 Web App: Best Ways to Spend Your Time Explained

Photo by EA Sports

The web app is the one of the most important FIFA 22 features at the beginning of the year.

Let's look at the best ways to spend your time on the FIFA Web App.

FIFA 22 Web App: Best Ways to Spend Your Time Explained

The web app is the key to gaining a good coin balance to start the new FIFA year.

The web app is essentially a more mobile version of the game without playing any games.

That means you can access everything outside of actual game play. This includes packs, Squad Builder Challenges, the transfer market, and objectives.


If you are caving in and buying packs like most did, then the web app is where we live. The pack store in the web app gives you everything you need. From experience I can tell you that packing an amazing player feels just as good on the web app as it does on console. It still has the same value.

Transfer Market

The transfer market is the end all be all of financial FIFA 22 success. The only way to make a lot of coins in an efficient way other than opening packs, is through the tricks and the trade of the market. Spending some time on the market to learn the costs of players and consumables will be very useful towards trading early on in the FIFA 22 year.