FIFA 22 Web App: When Does it Go Live?

Photo by EA SPORTS

The FIFA 22 Web App is an important part of every new FIFA cycle. It is the first chance you have to start building the foundation of your new Ultimate Team experience before the game even comes out.

Although the details on the release date of the app have not yet been published, based on previous titles, we can make a prediction as to when the companion app will be available.

FIFA 22 Web App: When Does it Go Live?

When taking a look at when last year's instalment of the FIFA Companion/Web App was released, we can see that the EA Sports FIFA twitter account tweeted that the FIFA 21 Web App was live on September 30, 2021. That following day, the EA Access 10 Hour trial was released.

The 10 Hour trial for FIFA 22 is currently scheduled to be out and available on Sept. 22. With that information, it is a fair to say that a possible release date for the Web App is one day prior on Sept. 21.

Also, when taking a look at previous year's release days of the Web App, it is important to remember that usually there are some problems with logging in to the app right at the release time. If history were to have any say on this year's release, it is a safe to say that expected time of the app going out, will not be a good representation of when you may actually have access to the FIFA 22 Web App.