FIFA 22 Will Include Loot Boxes But Adds Preview Packs

Image courtesy of EA Sports/FIFA

FIFA 22 will be bringing back loot boxes to the game, but EA has announced a change that allows players to take a better look at what they're getting.

Games like FIFA have come under fire in recent years due to the link between video game loot boxes and gambling. Many governments and children's welfare groups have asserted pressure on companies to change the way loot boxes are handled in-game.

In an attempt to bring a positive change to the mechanic, EA introduced "Preview Packs" into FIFA 21 towards the end of its lifespan, which received a positive response from fans. Now, it seems that EA will be looking to bring that forward into FIFA 22.

How do Preview Packs Work in FIFA 22?

According to a post from EA Sports, Preview Packs allow players to see all of the specific items contained within the pack. After taking a look, players can then choose to purchase the pack with real money or in-game currency.

At launch, the Premium Gold Pack will be available for preview on a 24 hour refresh timer alongside the non-preview version. The Premium Silver Pack will also get the same timed preview.

It's no secret that EA makes a significant amount of money from their loot boxes, and the company has been firm on their belief that they do not constitute as gambling. Of course, criticism of this has been pretty fierce, citing loot boxes as part of a compulsion loop of game design which keeps players invested in a game. The chance for high-end loot in these boxes is what draws the key comparisons to gambling.

It remains to be seen if these steps by EA will be enough to counter some of the negativity surrounding loot boxes. With rising pressure from governments and organizations, it's likely that we could see further restrictions coming into play in the future.