FIFA 23 Alternate Reality Icon Added to Database

EA Sports

FIFA 23 Alternate Reality Icon has been added to the game's database, according to a tweet from Fut_scoreboard.

Campaign Icons are a new part of FIFA Ultimate Team in FIFA 23. EA Sports removed Prime Icon Moments from Ultimate Team in favor of promotional Icons much like FUT Heroes. The first set of Campaign Icons were World Cup Icons which were available in base packs just like promo cards. It seems two more Campaign Icons are set to arrive including Team of the Year Icons.

FIFA 23 Alternate Reality Icon Added to Database

According to Fut_scoreboard, Alternate Reality Icons have been added to the web app's code.

Team of the Year Icons are relatively straightforward and predicted to arrive during Team of the Year, but Alternate Reality Icons are more intriguing. Alternate Reality Icons perhaps change an Icon's career and alter their statistics to reflect it. Perhaps it is tied into Shapeshifters later on in FIFA 23 and Icons receive position and statistic changes. Or, this is an all-new promotion that has yet to be announced in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Still, it's exciting to see more Campaign Icons planned so soon in FUT.

FIFA 23 Team of the Year voting begins Jan. 10.