FIFA 23 Black Friday 10 Coin Pack: New Pack Added to Database

EA Sports

FIFA 23 Black Friday 10 Coin Pack has been added to the Ultimate Team database, according to Fut_Scoreboard on Twitter.

Black Friday is a big promotion every FIFA Ultimate Team cycle. The promotion traditionally marks the release of multiple promotions including Best of TOTW, a new special card type, lightning rounds and much more. Lightning rounds traditionally get the most attention because it's the first time players can truly make the most of their FIFA Points. EA Sports as well usually adds new packs to the game each year for players to engage with.

Fut_Scoreboard, who has previously and correctly revealed information ahead of release in FUT, has detailed multiple new packs coming during Black Friday. One of which is the Black Friday 10 Coin Pack.

FIFA 23 Black Friday 10 Coin Pack: New Pack Added to Database

According to Fut_Scoreboard, the Black Friday 10 Coin Pack contains three rare gold players and one FIFA World Cup Player Pick between two items. As well, all items in the pack are untradeable.

An enticing and exciting addition if certain requisits are met. For one, most fans immediately assume that this pack will not necessarily be a lightning round pack and just one that players can open either once or a small number of times. If it is a lightning round, and an alternative for those who don't usually add FIFA Points, this will be an exciting pack to see what gets pulled by the community. Player probabilities aren't known yet, but keep in mind that the Gold Upgrade SBC is much more expensive than 10 coins.

More information should be revealed during the Black Friday promotion.

FIFA 23 Black Friday: Road to the FIFA World Cup arrives Nov. 25 at 1 p.m. ET as the next promotion during the World Cup update.