FIFA 23 Division Rivals: Format, Rewards, Predictions

FIFA 23 / Photo Courtesy of EA Sports

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is set to be revealed this month and should feature plenty of changes to how we play the game mode. One of the biggest features of competitive FUT is the Division Rivals mode, which allows players to move up ranks by playing games against players around the world, with rewards given for qualifying for FUT Champions and climbing the division ranks.

While we wait for the Ultimate Team reveal to come, we can speculate changes we'll see in the Division Rivals mode, hopefully for the better. Here are our predictions for the Rivals format and Reward system for FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Division Rivals: Format Predictions

Division Rivals is formatted very simply: you play to win and earn points, as as you win consecutive games, you can climb the divisions all the way to Elite Division. One thing that players comment on often is the inability to find games once you get to the top tier divisions, and having to derank in order to find any games. Once getting into the games as well, players often battled against other players in laggy gameplay and with little reward for winning each game.

While the connectivity issues are something that EA have to fix with its network and not the mode itself, perhaps changing the division format would make the mode better to play. Most likely, EA won't change much with Division Rivals, but changes to how to rank up in each division, such as an easier path to ranking up, would help Division Rivals be more playable.

FIFA 23 Division Rivals: Rewards Predictions

EA should also look to add another incentive for playing rivals outside of FUT Champions qualification. If there were better milestone rewards for winning games in the mode, it would likely be more sought after as a mode to play. It's hard to predict if EA will follow through with any of these ideas, but they would be good ones to make the Division Rivals Reward System more worth it.

FIFA 23 is set to release worldwide for PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, and Stadia on Sept. 30. The Ultimate Team Reveal is set to come on Aug. 11.