FIFA 23 Early Access Leak Reveals Dates

Photo Courtesy of EA Sports

Dates relevant to FIFA 23 Early Access have been apparently leaked on Twitter.

Who else could it be except @FutSheriff? Like an unspoken Robin Hood of sports gaming, he leaks from the informationally rich and puts that inside knowledge right where it ought to be: on the internet where all the people can see it.

This time, the Sheriff of FUT posted expected Early Access dates for FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Early Access Leak Reveals Dates

Early Access is just what it sounds like. It's a way to play the game before it is released. FIFA 23 is set to release on Sept. 30, according to leaks. By comparison, FIFA 22 Early Access began about eight days prior to the game's full launch.

There is no official EA document that specifies Early Access information at this time. The specific dates the @FutSheriff has likely revealed are as follows:

  • EA Play Early Access Trial: Sept. 27
  • EA Play Pro Ultimate Edition Access (PC): Sept. 27
  • Ultimate Edition: Sept. 27
  • Standard Edition: Sept. 30

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