FIFA 23 FUT 23 Position Players Pack: What is it?

EA Sports

FIFA 23 FUT 23 Position Players Pack was added to the Winter Nobility season progression path at Level 30.

EA Sports releases multiple Season Progress objective paths throughout a FIFA Ultimate Team cycle giving players the opportunity to earn rewards by netting experience points. These rewards include coin boosts, special players, packs, customization options like TIFOs and more. EA Sports opted for a full pack-based season for Winter Nobility with no special Storyline players.

Storyline players are historically awarded at levels 15 and 30. Now, players receive packs instead at those levels for this season. The Level 30 reward has a pack called FUT 23 Position Players Pack and fans are confused what this might be.

FIFA 23 FUT 23 Position Players Pack: What is it?

According to Fut_scoreboard on Twitter, posted through a screenshot by UniqueRiggers in a tweet embedded above, the FUT 23 Position Players Pack is essentially an 81+ x11 pack that has special position requisits.

Players will receive the following from the pack:

  • 11 Rare Gold Players Rated 81 or Higher
  • 3 Forwards
  • 3 Midfielders
  • 4 Defenders
  • 1 Goalkeeper

This pack clearly is meant to be used during Team of the Year when the full squad is in packs, but it necessarily isn't the best chance at packing any of those players compared to something like the 84+ x20 pack from World Cup Swaps. It's also not that enticing of a reward considering it requires 100,000 experience to achieve.

Even more disappointing is the fact that the Level 15 reward is just an 81+ Midfielders 3 Players Pack. A strange decision from EA ahead of Team of the Year, but perhaps the developer thinks it's best to try and prepare players for the biggest promotion of the year this way.