FIFA 23 FUT Birthday Release Date

EA Sports

UPDATE (Mar. 15, 11:53 a.m. ET): FUT Birthday is not coming on Mar. 17, reputable leaker fifa_romania stated on Twitter. Instead, a new promotion, FUT Ballers, is coming. The original story remains below unedited.

FIFA 23 FUT Birthday release date is expectedly around the corner as fans prepare for the anniversary event in Ultimate Team.

FUT Birthday is an annual FIFA Ultimate Team promotion that celebrates the game mode's birthday. The promotion traditionally features promotional items in packs, objectives, SBCs and more. As well, FIFA 22 featured a Swaps program and it's possible Swaps returns in FIFA 23. Promotional item upgrades have been different over the years including weak foot and skill move upgrades and position changes.

More recently, overall upgrades and weak foot/skill move upgrades have been the higlight of the promotion.

FIFA 23 FUT Birthday Release Date

FIFA 23 FUT Birthday is expected to release Friday, Mar. 17. It hasn't been confirmed yet, but expect a loading screen to appear in FUT this week as Fantasy FUT comes to an end.

Fans hope there's another set of Campaign Icons as well considering there are certain players who haven't received special items during either the World Cup Update or Team of the Year. It'd be surprising, but perhaps EA Sports pulls out all the stops to honor the game mode's birthday. Especially considering this is the last year of the FIFA license with EA Sports FC on the horizon.