FIFA 23 FUT Birthday Swaps Rewards: Full List

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FIFA 23 FUT Birthday Swaps rewards were revealed Mar. 27 giving players an idea of what they'll be spending their tokens on in the coming days.

Swaps returned to FUT Birthday giving players the chance to earn special tokens which can then be redeemed through SBCs for special rewards. Swaps is one of the best promotions in FIFA Ultimate Team considering the time spent for the value players get back. FUT Birthday Swaps rewards include special packs, Icons and player picks.

FIFA 23 FUT Birthday Swaps Rewards: Full List

Here's the full list of FIFA 23 FUT Birthday Swaps rewards:

  • 81+ x11 Rare Players Pack - 1 Token
  • FIFA World Cup Icon Crespo - 2 Tokens
  • FUT Birthday Team 1 Player Pack - 3 Tokens
  • 82+ x20 Rare Players Pack - 5 Tokens
  • 85+ x10 Rare Players Pack - 10 Tokens
  • 87+ RTTF, FF Hero, FF, FUT Birthday Team 1 Player Pick - 15 Tokens
  • Prime Icon Rio Ferdinand - 17 Tokens
  • Two 84+ x20 Rare Players Packs - 20 Tokens
  • FUT Birthday Icon Alan Shearer - 20 Tokens
  • 90+ Prime Icon Player Pick - 27 Tokens

Given that there are a maximum of 30 tokens to earn during FUT Birthday, most players will likely opt for the fodder packs available. Though, the 87+ Player Pick and the Team 1 Player Pack aren't bad value either. Make sure you spend your tokens on what you think is best for your club, or what you think will be the most fun to open.