FIFA 23 FUTTIES Release Date: When is it?

When should fans expect the FUTTIES promotion to arrive in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team? Here's what we know so far.

EA Sports

FIFA 23 FUTTIES release date is predictably around the corner as fans prepare for the annual Ultimate Team promotion.

FUTTIES is the annual celebration of the past year of FIFA Ultimate Team content. The promotion traditionally includes special FUTTIES voting periods for special SBCs and objectives, a 'Best of" release which includes the best promotional items released that year, a Swaps program and more. Information regarding FIFA 23's iteration remains scarce, but here's when fans can expect FIFA 23's FUTTIES promotion.

FIFA 23 FUTTIES Release Date: When is it?

We predict that FIFA 23 FUTTIES will begin Friday, July 14 based on last year's trend.

FIFA 22's edition debuted on Friday, July 15 at 1 p.m. ET. The promotion kicked off following four weeks of Shapeshifters. Promotions rarely include more than two promotional teams, but EA Sports released four iterations last year.

So far, FIFA 23 has received two Shapeshifters teams. If EA Sports keeps the same model, especially considering the possibilities with Campaign Heroes and Icons, then there's still two more Shapeshifters promotional squads remaining. If the trend holds true, that means the third Shapeshifters squad will release Friday, June 30 with the fourth coming Friday, July 7.

That would align with last year's calendar, plus there haven't been any leaks from FutSheriff or other community sources regarding FUTTIES yet.