FIFA 23: Javier Mascherano Leaked as a FUT Hero

Photo by FIFA Romania, CriminalFIFA and FutSheriff

FUT Heroes may soon welcome another legend into its fold. According to a leak by @FutSheriff, CriminalFIFA and FIFA Romania, Javier Mascherano is coming soon to the FUT Heroes promotion in FIFA 23.

FutSheriff, alongside FIFA Romania and CriminalFIFA have become cult heroes in the FUT community thanks to their accurate leaks all game long.

FIFA 23: Javier Mascherano Leaked as a FUT Hero

FUT Heroes is a well-known FIFA promotion that "brings football’s fan favorites back to the pitch in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team as FUT Heroes, with special items that represent the memorable moments in their career that made them cult legends." FIFA 23 will also feature a special version of the FUT heroes promo, themed around legendary World Cup competitors from years past. One of those legendary competitors is allegedly Javier Mascherano.

Besides having one of the best names in World Cup history, Mascherano is remembered for his spectacular tackle against the Netherlands' Arjen Robben during the semi-final of the 2015 World Cup.