FIFA 23 Leak Reveals Major Position Modifier Changes

Photo by CriminalFIFA and FutSheriff

A new FIFA 23 leak from reputable leaker Fut Sheriff revealed that major position modifier changes are coming in the next Ultimate Team cycle.

According to Fut Sheriff, position modifiers will be changed to reflect base and alternate positions. For example, in the images posted on Sheriff's Twitter account in conjunction with CriminalFIFA, players will have set positions and alternate positions they can be changed to. Ronaldinho is used as an example showing he can be used as an LM, LW or CAM.

"There are no specific position modifiers in the game. Every player has a Primary position and most of them have a secondary position," Fut Sheriff said in the tweet. "You will only be able to change players to those positions on FIFA 23. No more specific position modifier cards."

FIFA 23 Leak Reveals Major Position Modifier Changes

This potential change has major implications on how FIFA Ultimate Team will operate in FIFA 23. Think of this leaked change similarly to MLB The Show's Diamond Dynasty. Players have set positions, for example third baseman, and have alternate infield positions they can line up at. If they slot in at their base position, they operate with the statistics shown on the card. If they line up at a secondary position, they have a slight decrease in certain statistics.

It's likely EA Sports won't punish players for using items at secondary positions. Using Ronaldinho again as the example, he has two cards set as a CAM and two set as a LW. This change is meant to appease to those who get frustrated at the positional flexibility of the CAM card, but don't have the statistics of the LW items. EA might put in a statistic tax on items to have some sort of squad building consequence, but it remains to be seen.