FIFA 23 Marcus Rashford Player of the Month SBC Leaked

CriminalFIFA and FutSheriff

FIFA 23 Marcus Rashford Player of the Month SBC has been leaked by reputable leakers CriminalFIFA and FutSheriff.

The Premier League POTM for September only accounted for a small pool of games considering matches around England were postponed following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Manchester United's Rashford was a favorite alongside Manchester City's Kevin De Bruyne. According to CriminalFIFA and FutSheriff's latest leak, Rashford has beaten out De Bruyne. Fans might question why, but there are multiple factors to take into consideration.

FIFA 23 Marcus Rashford Player of the Month SBC Leaked

First off, Rashford had the same goal contributions as De Bruyne. Though, two of his contributions were goals while De Bruyne had three assists. The Manchester City midfielder also already received an in-form in Team of the Week 1 so players might've opted to vote for another player.

Additionally, players want affordable SBCs early on in an Ultimate Team cycle. Rashford's boosts should see him to at least an 85 or 86. De Bruyne would be at least 92 or 93 rated and quite expensive at this point in the year. Most players who are considered meta at this point are expensive on the transfer market.

Players can opt to recycle fodder they have in their club for an untradeable striker. Rashford's base gold card is going for 27,000 coins on the transfer market as of writing. Players can sell off any expensive gold cards they have in their club that won't maintain value throughout the first two months of the game for a striker with five-star skills, good pace and shooting.

POTM Marcus Rashford is expected to be released Friday, Sept. 30, though that remains speculation based on previous EA Sports content releases.