FIFA 23 Ones to Watch: How to Get Free Player

Photo by EA Sports

Here's how to bag a free Ones to Watch player in FIFA 23.

As FIFA 22 promotions head into their final hour, and with a fresh season of Ultimate Team awaiting managers in FIFA 23, finally, a familiar promotion is peeking its head above the horizon. FIFA 23's Ones to Watch promotion greets players as an old friend, heralding in an all-new season of opportunity.

OTW has historically followed pro players who have recently switched teams. The promotion speculates on which players will improve in their new surroundings, and the value of their card will fluctuate depending on how well they settle in.

FIFA 23 Ones to Watch: How to Get Free Player

The OTW promotion is expected to be available from the very first day of FIFA 23, September 30. Fans who pre-order the game by Sept. 29, regardless of platform, can earn an OTW player card to jumpstart their new FUT roster. More than likely, most pre-order OTW rewards will result in an untradeable player item, but once the season opens up on Sept. 30, anything is possible.

Possibly the most exciting part of this promotion is that any recently traded player can be included. For that reason, FIFA fans are encouraged to keep a keen eye on transfer headlines.