FIFA 23 Ones to Watch Release Date: When is it?

EA Sports

FIFA 23 Ones to Watch Team 1 release date was revealed in EA Sports' FUT Launch Pitch Notes.

Ones to Watch is the annual kick-off promotion for each FIFA Ultimate Team year. The promotion celebrates players who transferred clubs in the summer with special live items. These items upgrade every time a player receives a performance-based upgrade. Players also upgrade one time if they complete the Wins to Watch requirement. That requirement requires the player's team to win three of its next eight domestic matches to receive an upgrade.

As well, there's a new upgrade mechanic for FIFA 23 called Nations to Watch. Players featured in the promotion will receive an additional upgrade if their national team wins a match at the World Cup in December.

FIFA 23 Ones to Watch Release Date: When is it?

Here are the dates to know for FIFA 23 Ones to Watch:

  • Sept. 30 - Oct. 7 OTW Main Team 
  • Oct. 2 - 7 OTW Mini Release

As well, those who pre-order the game will get a free OTW untradeable item. Those packs will be granted on Sept. 30, but players can choose when to open it. If they open it after Sept. 30 but before Oct. 2, the pack will only contain players from the main OTW team. If it's opened on Oct. 2 after 1 p.m. ET and onward, the mini release will get included in the player pool.

Will There be a FIFA 22 Ones to Watch Team 2?

There will not be a Ones to Watch Team 2. Just the first release and the mini release which is a common standard for FIFA Ultimate Team promotions.

FIFA 23 launches Sept. 30, the same day Ones to Watch kicks off.