FIFA 23 Pre-Season Batch 2 Release Date

Photo by EA Sports

FIFA 23 Pre-Season Batch 2 release date is rapidly approaching as we near September and FIFA 23's eventual release.

Pre-Season is the final promotion of FIFA 22's Ultimate Team cycle. The promotion features special rewards players can earn in FIFA 22 and 23. Completing in-game objectives grant players special rewards they'll receive once FIFA 23 releases. Additionally, there are special Pre-Season Batches available in packs as one last chance to get their hands on some of the most popular promotional items from the past year.

Pre-Season Batch 1 is expected to expire soon. So, when can we expect FIFA 23 Pre-Season Batch 2?

FIFA 23 Pre-Season Batch 2 Release Date

Pre-Season Batch 1, according to in-game messaging, will leave packs at 1 p.m. ET on Friday, Sept. 2. Pre-Season Batch 2 should release right as Batch 1 leaves packs.

EA Sports has had technical issues with this promotion causing content to be delayed. That's not to say that content will be delayed once again, but be sure Batch 2 is released before opening any saved packs. As well, expect this batch to be larger than Batch 1 based on FUTTIES tendencies.

This will likely be the final batch of promotional players released in FIFA 22. This batch is expected to be available for at least two weeks. EA Sports might add a third batch for a final week, but it would be simpler to have Batch 2 run until a week or so out from FIFA 23.