FIFA 23 Pre-Season End Date Detailed

Image Courtesy of EA Sports

The FIFA 23 pre-season promotion kicked off last Friday. Read along to find out when it will end.

The pre-season promotion has taken place since FIFA 20. It allows players of FIFA Ultimate Team to earn rewards in FIFA 22 as well as load their rosters up for FUT competition in FIFA 23. FIFA 23 rewards for SBC objectives and other challenges include coin boosts, consumables, starter kits, and the coveted guaranteed player packs. Rewards for FIFA 22 FUT will likely boil down to multiple 'Best of' player card rewards.

For a very detailed overview of what will likely be included for FIFA 22 and 23, check out FUT Mentor's explanation on YouTube below.

FIFA 23 Pre-Season End Date

Batch 1 of FIFA 23's pre-season promo entered packs this past weekend after minor delays. It is expected, but not confirmed, that batch 1 will remain in packs until Friday, Sept. 2, when it will be released from packs and those items will enter the secondary FUT market.

After that point, the uncertainty continues. FIFA 23 debuts for all on Sept. 30. So there is more than enough time for a possible pre-season batch 2. If there is a batch 2, it would likely last for another two week cycle, offering players the chance to stock up on as many possible rewards for next season.

But like most great things in life, we will have to wait and see.