FIFA 23 Pre-Season Release Date

Image Courtesy of EA

Although the FIFA 23 pre-season release date has yet to be revealed, chances are it won't be too much longer. In fact, there's only so much time left.

With the final batch of FUTTIES predicted to leave packs this Friday, Aug. 19, the end of the FIFA Ultimate Team season is rapidly approaching. Before it is finally finished, FUT managers eagerly await the arrival of the FIFA 23 pre-season promotion, which could launch as FUTTIES 'Best of' Batch 3 makes its way down the road.

Many fans, streamers, and leakers online are speculating that a pre-season event could be on the horizon.

FIFA 23 Pre-Season Release Date

The Pre-season promotion is a promotion that offers players the chance to earn rewards that could be redeemed in the next season of FUT. Potential opportunities in years past have included FUT coins, Player Picks, SBCs, and more.

With the incoming release of FIFA 23 on Sept. 27, virtual managers are ready to start a new season full of new opportunities to capture virtual glory on the pitch. At a certain point, it becomes harder to compete with the end so near in sight. For grinders that don't want a summer vacation from building their dream squad, the FIFA 23 pre-season promotion is a chance to be rewarded for that extra hard work at the end of the season.