FIFA 23 Release Date Leaked

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FIFA 23's release date was allegedly leaked.

FIFA 23 leaks indicate that the game will release officially on Sept. 30. The game will also have early access on Sept. 27. The leak comes via Twitter user FUT Sheriff, a popular FIFA guru who has amassed over 500,000 followers.

If the leaks are true, this means FIFA 22's life cycle is finally coming to an end. This is not unexpected however, as many FIFA games are released in September or October, with FIFA 22 having released on Sept. 30. Another indication that FIFA 23 is fast approaching is the beginning of FUTTIES, which is usually one of the last major promotional events for a FIFA title.

FIFA 23 Release Date Leak

With the leak revealing that FIFA 23 will be released on Sept. 27 and Sept. 30, players only have a short three months until they can enjoy the next installment in the ultra popular soccer game. The FUTTIES will help keep players busy, as well as help transition players into the next game.

FIFA 23 also may be the last installment of the FIFA franchise, as EA and FIFA ended their partnership of over 25 years. With FIFA 23 coming in September, only time will tell if FIFA will continue on after that.