FIFA 23 Sadio Mane Likely to Get Ones to Watch Card

FC Bayern Muenchen Unveils New Signing Sadio Mane
FC Bayern Muenchen Unveils New Signing Sadio Mane / Johannes Simon/GettyImages

Sadio Mane has officially transferred to Bayern Munich from Liverpool this summer and will be lacing his boots for the club in the 22/23 season. In FIFA 22, all of his cards have been for Liverpool, but that will change in FIFA 23.

Each year in FUT, EA released the Ones to watch promo, giving newly transferred players new cards that will upgrade as they earn performance cards in FUT during their debut season. With Mane's big transfer, will he get a Ones to Watch card in FIFA 23?

Sadio Mane Ones to Watch Card: Will He Get One?

Mane will surely be one of the first OTW cards revealed in FIFA 23. The Senegalese forward has had a great 2022, and will surely get an upgrade along with his OTW item.

His OTW will be upgradeable as he gets TOTWs throughout the year, as well as if Bayern wins five matches in a row. If Mane plays well early, he can be due for a few upgrades on his OTW early, and content with the best attackers in the game.

It'll also be interesting to see if his OTW is at a different position in FIFA 23. He normally plays LW, however, Mane played more of a CF role at Liverpool in the second half of the season. With Robert Lewandowski potentially leaving this summer, it'll be interesting to see what position Mane will play in FIFA 23.