FIFA 23 Steam Winter Sale 2022 Deals Revealed

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Just in time for the holidays, FIFA 23 is on sale for those on PC via the Steam Winter Sale.

For those looking to pick up the latest entry in the popular football simulation series below retail, here's a breakdown of the FIFA 23 Steam Winter Sale deals for 2022.

FIFA 23 Steam Winter Sale 2022 Deals Revealed

Here are the discounted deals for FIFA 23 during the Steam Winter Sale:

  • FIFA 23: $27.99 (60% off)
  • FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition: $35.99 (60% off)

On Nov. 9, the men’s FIFA World Cup update was released in FIFA 23, giving players an immersive FIFA World Cup 2022 experience with all 32 qualified teams and squads, along with authentic stadium dressings, match ball, additional player head scans, the iconic trophy and two stadiums including the venue for the Final. Additionally, new FIFA World Cup commentary was added alongside visuals and cinematics that are said to get fans closer to the atmosphere of the biggest tournament in world football.

The Steam Winter Sale is set to run from Dec. 22, 2022, to Jan. 5, 2023, at 1 p.m. ET.

As promised back in September, the Winter Sale is now live as one of Steam's four major seasonal sales that take place annually. Just like with the other seasonal sales (Autumn, Spring, Summer); support levels from Steam should be similar to those sales. During these sale events, the entire front page of the Steam store shifts to a different layout, focusing on highlighted promotional deals.