FIFA 23 Team of the Year Release Date: When is it?

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FIFA 23 Team of the Year release date is on the minds of many as fans get ready for the most exciting promotion of the year.

Team of the Year takes place every January of a FIFA Ultimate Team cycle. These items are usually the most sought after cards in the game with the top Icons and Team of the Season cards. As well, these are the first truly endgame promotional items released in packs. Content also usually includes multiple Upgrade SBCs, Icon SBCs, Flashbacks and much more.

So, when can fans expect Team of the Year in FIFA 23?

FIFA 23 Team of the Year Release Date: When is it?

FIFA 23 Team of the Year release date hasn't been announced yet, but there are some context clues from last year that should give fans a good idea of when to expect it.

The FIFA 22 TOTY XI was announced in full on Jan. 20 following a voting period. The team started its release period the following day. Looking at the 2023 calendar, most would expect FIFA 23's TOTY to be released in packs starting Friday, Jan. 20. There should be a voting period the week beforehand and then the standard release schedule. EA Sports will release attackers in packs for a limited time. Then, those players will be removed for midfielders followed by defenders. Finally, the full squad will be re-released and a 12th player should be added.

Team of the Year hasn't been truly anticipated this FUT cycle given the World Cup update. There have been three World Cup promotions so far plus special Heroes and Icons. As well, there are two remaining which have yet to be named releasing on Dec. 9 and 16 respectively.

Stay tuned as more information is revealed for FIFA 23's Team of the Year.