FIFA 23 TOTS Daily Login Upgrade SBC and Objective: How to Complete, Rewards

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FIFA 23 TOTS Warm Up Daily Login Upgrade SBC and Milestone objective set went live Apr. 21 as fans begin for the major promotion.

Team of the Season is around the corner and there are multiple SBCs and objectives for players to engage with to build up packs. TOTS honors the best players from leagues around the world with promotional items over the course of multiple weeks. The event culminates in the Ultimate TOTS including the best of the best.

The TOTS Daily Login Upgrade is now available for the next four weeks including a repeatable SBC and special packs to earn along the way.

FIFA 23 TOTS Daily Login Upgrade SBC and Objective: How to Complete, Rewards

Here's how to complete the FIFA 23 TOTS Daily Login Upgrade SBC:

  • One Segment
  • Player Quality: Min. Bronze
  • No Chemistry Requirement
  • Players in the Squad: 1
  • REWARD: 81+ Two Rare Gold Players Pack

This SBC is completable once per day and will refresh each day for the next four weeks at 1 p.m. ET. Completing the SBC will net progress toward the TOTS: Daily Login Upgrade Completionist Milestone objective set. Here's the full list of rewards:

  • Complete 1: 80+ 5 Players Pack
  • Complete 2: 83+ Double Player Pack
  • Complete 3: Eight Serie A Players Pack
  • Complete 4: Three 84+ Players Pack
  • Complete 5: Three 83+ Players Pack
  • Complete 8: Eight LaLiga Players Pack
  • Complete 10: Eight Ligue 1 Players Pack
  • Complete 12: 1 of 2 85+ Rare Players Player Pick
  • Complete 15: Eight Premier League Players Pack
  • Complete 18: Eight Bundesliga Players Pack
  • Complete 20: Five 84+ Players Pack
  • Complete 22: Five 85+ Players Pack
  • Full Objective Set: TOTS Player Pack

All rewards are untradeable. This is an easy way to net a ton of packs and even a guaranteed Team of the Season player. There are other upgrades available and a Live FUT Friendlies cup to participate in as TOTS hype continues to build.