FIFA 23 Ultimate Pack Plus: Price, Contents

EA Sports

FIFA 23 Ultimate Pack Plus is one of the best promo packs you can buy in Ultimate Team.

Promo packs are released frequently throughout a FIFA Ultimate Team cycle giving players an increased chance to pack special items to upgrade their squads. EA Sports has continuously upped the ante when it comes to pack contents, but the Ultimate Pack Plus remains one of the best promo packs players can spend their coins, or FIFA Points if they opt to, in the game.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Pack Plus: Price, Contents

Here's what's included in the FIFA 23 Ultimate Pack Plus pack:

  • Price - 125,000 Coins or 2,500 FIFA Points
  • 30 Rare Gold Players
  • Mega Pack

Players are getting a total value of 160,000 coins for purchasing an Ultimate Pack Plus, or 3,200 FIFA Points. Those who want to indulge with these packs, first released Dec. 22 at a user limit of eight, can stash the Mega Packs for a later promotion or open them right away. Players still might opt for a pack that has a ratings threshold like the 84+ Star Player Pack considering the chances of packing a better item are increased.

The Ultimate Pack Plus is fully tradeable which is a bonus.

If you miss out on the current wave of Ultimate Pack Plus', EA Sports should re-release them at later points during the holiday season or even later on.