FIFA 23 Winter Draft Objective: How to Complete, Rewards

EA Sports

FIFA 23 Winter Draft objective set went live Dec. 31 during Winter Wildcards Team 2.

Winter Wildcards returned in FIFA 23 after first being introduced in FIFA 22. The promotion features special items in packs, objectives, Swaps and more. EA Sports released a new objective set called Winter Draft enticing fans to participate with the unique game mode where players draft a squad to compete against players. The goal is to win four games in a row before losing one for maximum rewards.

As well, EA Sports released a limited-repeatable SBC giving players Draft Tokens to enter for free instead of 15,000 coins or 300 FIFA Points.

FIFA 23 Winter Draft Objective: How to Complete, Rewards

Here's the full list of FIFA 23 Winter Draft objectives and rewards:

  • Play 1 - Play 1 match in any FUT game mode - Draft Token Pack
  • Play 1 FUT Draft - Play one FUT Draft match - Winter Wildcard Token
  • Play 2 FUT Draft - Play two FUT Draft matches - Ones to Watch Schlotterbeck
  • Play 4 FUT Draft - Play four FUT Draft matches - Rulebreakers Godfrey
  • Play 6 FUT Draft - Play six FUT Draft matches - Hero Solskjaer
  • Play 10 FUT Draft - Play 10 FUT Draft matches - OOP Traore
  • Win 1 FUT Draft - Win one FUT Draft match - 80+ 5 Players Pack
  • Win 3 FUT Draft - Win three FUT Draft matches - 80+ 5 Players Pack
  • Win 5 FUT Draft - Win five FUT Draft matches - 81+ 11 Players Pack
  • Win 10 Online FUT Draft - Win 10 online FUT Draft matches - Five 84+ Players Pack
  • Win 20 Online FUT Draft - Win 20 online FUT Draft matches - Five 84+ Players Pack

All rewards are untradeable. Each objective completed will net players 300 XP toward Season Progress plus an additional 300 XP for completing the full set.

FIFA 23 Draft Token Upgrade SBC: How to Complete

Here's how to complete the limited-repeatable Draft Token Upgrade SBC:

  • One Segment
  • Squad Rating: 82
  • No Chemistry Requirement
  • Players in the Squad: 11
  • REWARD: Draft Token Pack (untradeable)

The SBC is around 8,000 coins to complete from scratch. A nice option for players who will have to spend close to half of the coins and no FIFA Points to enter a Draft. The SBC is available to complete once per day and refreshes at 1 p.m. ET the next day.