FIFA 23 Winter Snowstorm Pack Detailed

Fut_scoreboard on Twitter

FIFA 23 Winter Snowstorm pack has been added to the game's code, according to Fut_scoreboard on Twitter.

Fut_scoreboard has a reputation of detailing packs added to the game's code before being added to the FIFA Ultimate Team store. Fans can prepare either coins or FIFA Points to open these packs once they make their way to the Promo Pack section of the store. EA Sports has shown a willingness to up the ante with packs this year by the way of making items untradeable. The latest pack is the Winter Snowstorm Pack.

FIFA 23 Winter Snowstorm Pack Detailed

According to Fut_scoreboard, the Winter Snowstorm Pack will contain the following items:

  • 1 Base Icon Player
  • 12 Rare Gold Players
  • All items are untradeable

A new arena for EA Sports to enter. Guaranteeing Icons in packs through the store. We've seen EA Sports already guarantee FUT Heroes through packs, but this is truly a shift in microtransactions in FIFA Ultimate Team. Icons were once the most sought after players in all of FUT, but now they are out of favor outside of the best players in the group like Ronaldo, Pele, Eusebio and others.

Outside of them being less valuable either in-game or through transfer market trading, the cards just don't provide the same chemistry value compared to FUT Heroes now. As well, Base Icons have been overtaken by the release of Prime Icons. Only a select number of Base Icons are viable throughout a majority of the game cycle and even a smaller number are good throughout the entire year.

As far as how much this pack will cost, fans will have to wait for EA Sports to set it live. Expect it sometime during the holiday season and Winter Wildcards.