FIFA 23 World Cup Icons Card Design Leaked

Criminal__x on Twitter

FIFA 23 World Cup Icon card design has been leaked by FIFA content creator Criminal_x on Twitter.

EA Sports announced at the beginning of the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team cycle that Prime Icon Moments cards would be removed. Instead, EA Sports would release Campaign Icons similarly to how Heroes were used in FIFA 22. EA Sports will release special Icon cards during multiple promotions this game cycle, first of which will be the FIFA World Cup Icon cards.

Criminal__x posted a leaked card design for the FIFA World Cup Icon cards on Twitter.

FIFA 23 World Cup Icons Card Design Leaked

The specific Ronaldo card used as an example isn't confirmed, but the card design of Gold and Red features is, according to Criminal__x.

Expect to see Icons who had success at the World Cup featured in the campaign set. Numerous players in the Icon pool have won the World Cup. Other players have won the Golden Boot or other honors which would make great selections.

Upgrades as well remain a mystery. EA Sports shouldn't necessarily boost Icons to an insane level considering Prime Icons have yet to be released. Base, Mid and Prime Icons have had the same upgrade standard for multiple years.