FIFA 23 World Cup Stories Release Date, Card Design Revealed

EA Sports

FIFA 23 World Cup Stories is slated to be the next promotion during the World Cup Update.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is in the middle of its major World Cup event featuring multiple promotions for the duration of the international tournament. EA Sports has released multiple card types already including Path to Glory cards that upgrade as teams progress in the tournament, new World Cup Icons, Heroes and more. World Cup Stories is the next promotion following the Black Friday festivities. The exact theme remains unknown, but fans know now when the promotion will start and the card design.

FIFA 23 World Cup Stories Release Date, Card Design Revealed

FIFA 23 World Cup Stories kicks off Friday, Dec. 2 as a new promotional team will enter packs at 1 p.m. ET. As well, expect new SBC items and objectives to earn.

The card design features a bright orange and white theme with similar designs to the Black Friday: Road to the FIFA World Cup cards. Based on the name of the promotion, perhaps these cards celebrate players at the World Cup who have notable stories for their international teams. Reputable leaker FutSheriff has already stated that Marcus Rashford, Virgil Van Dijk and Marco Asensio are set to receive items this promotion.

Expect this promotional team to be one squad that remains in packs for a week. After that, a new promotional team should arrive on Friday, Dec. 9. Finally, it's likely World Cup Icons Team 2 is released in packs the same day.