FIFA and EA Sports to End Exclusivity Partnership After Three Decades

Photo by EA Sports

FIFA announced its plans to end a three-decade-long exclusivity partnership with EA Sports in a shocking move.

"FIFA will adopt a new commercial positioning in gaming and eSports to ensure that it is best placed to make decisions that benefit all football stakeholders. FIFA is bullish and excited about the future in gaming and eSports for football, and it is clear that this needs to be a space that is occupied by more than one party controlling all rights," FIFA said in the announcement.

EA Sports has long dominated the soccer/football scene with its FIFA franchise. Competitors like eFootball, formerly known as Pro Evolution Soccer, have paled in comparison for years. Especially with FIFA Ultimate Team being the premier mode for years.

FIFA and EA Sports to End Exclusivity Partnership After Three Decades

Fans are unsure what the future holds now for EA Sports. Ultimate Team has long been the staple game mode fans wait for each year. It's also undoubtedly one of the biggest revenue drivers for the company. Other titles in the company's library also feature the same mode that FIFA helped popularize.

Fans speculate the game will be called something along the lines of EA Sports FC or EA Sports Soccer, but there's bee no confirmation one way or the other.

"The outcome will ensure that FIFA has a range of suitable parties with specialist capabilities to actively shape the best possible experiences and offerings for fans and consumers," FIFA said.