FIFA Fans Left Furious After Latest Premier League POTM SBC

POTM SBC’s in FIFA Ultimate Team are a time where players of the game could give their squad a massive boost with an untradeable card from the biggest leagues in the world. From the Premier League, MLS, Bundesliga and now Ligue 1 in FIFA 20, EA Sports release upgraded cards for Player of the Month winners done by a vote online. This month was no different.

September's PL POTM has been announced and it comes a brand new card in FUT. This card comes with upgrades to the winner, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, but these upgrades aren't what fans of the game expected.

With just a 32 total in-game stat upgrade, the Gabonese striker didn't get a major boost that most fans expected. This combined with the price that his SBC will cost (around 500k), will scare players away from even trying to complete it.

In comparison, Teemu Pukki got an upgrade from 77 to 84 and got 113 more in-game stats on his POTM card. You could say that the small boost comes from Aubameyang's already high overall on his gold card, but there should have been some sort of necessary boost. Having his physical be the same exact as his base card is outrageous and EA Sports are going to continue this trend with high rated base cards getting upgrades.

So What Should You Do Next?

1. Just Complete Pukki

Running a PL squad and need a solid striker? Teemu Pukki is just the player for you and his SBC costs just around 20k coins. Be sure to do this SBC quick though, as it runs out in a week.

2. Get Base Aubameyang

If you're a Gunners fan and really want the striker, just settle for his base. His price is 150k less than the objective and you get a card that's just as good. Smack a Marksman chemistry on him and he will be ready to go for your next Weekend League.

3. Flashback Piszczek Anyone?

Have an itch to do an SBC but don't have a ton of coins? Try out Łukasz Piszczek's flashback card. The Pole currently has the highest in-game stats for a non-icon card with 2349. Valuing at around 150k right now, the Bundesliga right back is the best option in the game for that position.

4. Grind for Icon Swaps

Icon Swaps have been officially released and it comes with a nasty grind in which players can earn tokens (players) to exchange for their choice of Icon. This is an awesome way to get your hands on your first ever FUT Icon but be ready to play a lot of games and perform well.

Photo courtesy of EA Sports