Final Fantasy 16 and Silent Hill 2 Remake to be "Excluded" From Xbox


Microsoft has revealed that third-party games such as Final Fantasy 16, Silent Hill 2 remake and Bloodborne are subject to "exclusion" agreements which prevents them from releasing on Xbox.

The information was revealed in response to Sony's objection to Microsoft's planned acquisition of Activision Blizzard via an FTC lawsuit. As highlighted by @KoreaXboxNews, Microsoft claims that "In addition to having outright exclusive content, Sony has also entered into arrangements with third-party publishers which require the 'exclusion' of Xbox from the set of platforms these publishers can distribute their games on,"

"Some prominent examples of these agreements include Final Fantasy VII Remake (Square Enix), Bloodborne (From Software), the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI (Square Enix) and the recently announced Silent Hill 2 remastered [sic] (Bloober team)."

Previously, games such as the upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake were listed as having a 12-month console exclusivity period. But, given Microsoft's latest claim, it appears that even after the exclusivity period ends players might not see the game head to Xbox.

Sony has yet to confirm whether Final Fantasy 16 or the Silent Hill 2 remake will head to Xbox in the future, and neither have the game's respective studios.