Final Fantasy 16 DLC Plans: Rumors, Release Date

Clive Rosfield from FF16
Clive Rosfield from FF16 / Square Enix

The Final Fantasy series has played a huge role in the JRPG genre since 1987. The popular action-packed franchise repeatedly sells millions of copies per game worldwide. Its fantastic story, likable characters, and dynamic gameplay make it a favorite series for many role-playing fans.

Square Enix's newest title, Final Fantasy 16, has only been out since June 22, 2023. Players are already speculating about whether or not there will be a DLC for the game.

Final Fantasy 16 DLC Plans: Rumors, Release Date

According to many sources across the internet including Game Informer,Final Fantasy 16 will not be getting a DLC anytime soon. There are also no concrete plans to make more downloadable content for the RPG. Naoki Yoshida, Final Fantasy 16's producer, clearly states that the title is a "one-off game." He also emphasizes how the development team, Creative Business Unit III, prioritized the quality of the main campaign over making additional content.

Fans of the game shouldn't give up hope yet. The producer hasn't completely ruled out the possibility of an add-on for Final Fantasy 16. Naoki Yoshida also said that the team needs to ensure players worldwide want more game content. Once that's done, they'll consider making a DLC.

If that's the case, it's highly likely that Final Fantasy 16 will receive a DLC, given how popular the series is. A Twitter user named Genki reported that the JRPG reached ground-breaking sales in Japan, with 336 thousand copies sold upon launch. Final Fantasy 16 is the highest retail launch for a PlayStation 5 game in the region.

There's no telling when we'll get additional content, but we'll update you when more news comes.

Is Final Fantasy 16 Coming to PC?

The PS5 is the only console that supports Final Fantasy 16. You can buy it for $70 via the PlayStation store and certain retailers. PC gamers will eventually be able to play it via Microsoft Windows, though a release date hasn't been confirmed yet. Naoki Yoshida has only clarified that the PC version will need more time for optimization, and it won't be ready soon.