Final Fantasy 7 Remake Bahamut: How to Defeat the Boss

FF7 Remake Bahamut can be defeated with enough practice
FF7 Remake Bahamut can be defeated with enough practice / Square Enix

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Bahamut is one of the more challenging bosses in the game. With no weaknesses, no exploits, and a formidable set of skills fit to take any team down, it's no wonder players are getting frustrated trying to defeat it.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Bahamut Boss Fight Tips

Bahamut is immune to poison, sleep, slow, silence, stop, and berserk abilities. It has a greater resistance to fixed and proportional damage. Your goal here is mostly to outlast it and burn it down. This won't be a fight where burst damage can save you. In this battle, you have to learn to sustain yourself and your allies.

For this reason we recommend making sure you have enough healing items and magic to get you through. Try not to let any member of your team go down or it could spell massive trouble for you. Make sure you're used to swapping among characters in a moment's notice.

Stay as far away from Bahamut as you can while damaging it. Range is definitely your friend, here, as this boss has quite a few attacks that hit harder as you get close.

Grabbing the active character is one thing Bahamut will pull out constantly. It grabs you tight, lifts you, and smashes you against its head to deal massive damage. You'll likely see Bahamut fly up and spin-charge down toward your team, crashing into the ground. Fortunately, the best way to survive these is to dodge its claws or change characters.

Bahamut has the ability to summon auras—for example, an Umbra (purple) aura. This will specify what attacks it may use. Fortunately, it won't be channeling auras all the time, so you may have some spots to get in close combat damage.

Megaflare is a powerful ability Bahamut will use. It charges up into the air and breathes a bright energy flare onto the field. This can wipe your team if you're too close to the impact spot.

Umbral Strikes is another common attack for Bahamut. Every so often, it will charge purple orbs of energy and shoot them at the active character for awesome damage and knock back. This may stun you, so make sure you're looking out for this.

After a quarter of its health is gone, this energy changes to red and will hurt you if you end up within close combat range.