Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 14 Side Quests: Every Quest Available

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 14 side quests have great rewards if you're willing to search for them
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 14 side quests have great rewards if you're willing to search for them / Square Enix

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 14 side quests can give the player some great rewards for their team if they're willing to put in the world

There are a total of nine side quests available in Chapter 14 and each provides a variety of manuscripts, experience, skill points, and more for Cloud, Aerith, Tifa and Barret's builds. Most of them are simple fetch quests to gather items and give them to someone else. A few, however, require combat in order to complete.

All of these can be picked up in Sector 5 or Sector 6.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 14 Side Quests

Secret Medicine

The Secret Medicine side quest can be picked up by speaking to a doctor who stands across from the community center. He requires three ingredients to make medicine. One of these can only be obtained by completing Subterranean Menace. Collect the Moogle Mortar, Aerith's Medicinal Flowers, and the Behemoth's Horn to complete the quest.

Subterranean Menace

The Subterranean Menace requires a bit of dungeon diving. Speak to Wymer who will direct you to the monster-infested Underground Lab. Unsurprisingly, he wants you to clear it out. None of the trash mobs should post a threat to you. It's the Behemoth Type 0 that you should be concerned about. This quest ties in with Secret Medicine so don't forget to grab that horn at the end.

Don Corneo's Secret Stash

Don Corneo's Secret Stash side quest can be found by speaking with Damon the reporter north of Sector 5's Center District. This one is more of a scavenger hunt with various Moogle medals to encourage you along the way. Watch out for the two mini-bosses at the end of the quest—they can be a bit frustrating! We recommend completing the Tomboy Bandit quest alongside this one.

Tomboy Bandit

You'll eventually get flagged down by Johnny in the Sector 5 Slums. Don't be alarmed, but he's just been robbed and his wallet is gone. The culprit is Kyrie who you can find hanging around the Sector 5 Church. Sure, she'll give you the wallet back... If you battle for her in the coliseum. Fortunately, it doesn't take much, and you get the wallet right after the match is over.

The Power of Music

The Power of Music can be found in the Sector 6 Slums. Talk to Betty standing near a jukebox and she'll task you with finding music discs to play and cheer people up. This is one of the easier quests to complete as it just requires visiting other locations and occasionally making a purchase. Players get adorable cut scenes with Betty, their team, and the general public in return.

Wavering Heart

Wavering Heart is a Tifa mini-game, so don't get too stressed out about it. Find Andrea around the Wall Market gym to be challenged to a pull-up contest. Beat him to win and unlock the challenge for the other NPCs hanging about.

Missing Children

The Missing Children side quest requires you to go out and track down some kids who may be spending a bit too much time playing around. You can pick it up from a school teacher in Sector 5. Unfortunately, it looks like the kids weren't just goofing off. Head to the cemetery near the junkyard to beat back some ghosts and rescue the children.

Malicious Goons

The Malicious Goons side quest comes from Madam M who can be found outside her shop in Wall Market. Shinra thugs are after Aerith's house, so head in that direction to face down the Tonberry. Be warned that this thing will instantly kill any of your team it touches, so try to keep them out of range and aim at its back.

Chocobo Search

Chocobo Search is the side quest you'll need to unlock chocobo fast travel. Talk to Sam's stable hand who will send you on the hunt for three missing chocobos. The birds can be found in the junkyard, the collapsed expressway, and the church.