Final Fantasy 7 Remake New Trailer Debuts at Tokyo Game Show

Final Fantasy 7 Remake New Trailer dropped for the Tokyo Game Show, and gave us our first look at the updated looks for some favorite characters.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake New Trailer Debuts at TGS

Reno and the Turks are featured in the trailer several times. Reno himself is sporting his Advent Children design. Biggs, Wedge and Jessie are also shown with updated models but still looking much like their original designs. We also see our first (albeit quick) look at Summons and some enemies, with Shiva freezing Eligor.

The trailer also shows the Don Corneo scene, before they convince Cloud to dress as a woman to get past the crime boss. Don Corneo seems to be played by Mark Hamill here.

The squatting sequence from the original game seems to be expanded, now using a rhythm based mini-game over the button mashing one.

There's also a new character featured the trailer. He seems to be some sort of SOLDIER, but there aren't any details that stand out for who he is. He's on a motorcycle and he certainly looks cool.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is set for release on Mar. 3, 2020 exclusively on PlayStation 4.

Photo courtesy of Square Enix