Final Fantasy Uniqlo Collaboration Leaked Featuring 16 Themed T-Shirts

Uniqlo's leaked collaboration with Final Fantasy. Pictured: Final Fantasy X
Uniqlo's leaked collaboration with Final Fantasy. Pictured: Final Fantasy X / Image courtesy of Uniqlo/Square Enix

A new Final Fantasy collaboration with clothing brand Uniqlo was seemingly leaked by the store themselves.

The Final Fantasy series is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. Aside from being a terrifying event to come to terms with, the anniversary opens the door to some great surprises and celebrations throughout the year. With soon to be 16 main entries and countless spin-offs across the franchise, there's plenty to get excited for with Final Fantasy.

One upcoming surprise has seemingly been leaked prematurely - a collaboration with clothing brand Uniqlo. The collection is set to be a number of Final Fantasy-themed t-shirts, each one representing one of the series' main entries.

Image courtesy of Uniqlo/Square Enix

The collection was first leaked via the brand's Vietnam website though they have since been removed.

Uniqlo is no stranger to pop-culture clothing collaborations, regularly releasing crossovers with artists, manga series and more. Currently the brand has a number of t-shirts available themed around the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 movie and Pokemon.

Each design appears to be tastefully themed around a main entry, from the original Final Fantasy to the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI. No matter which entry is your favorite, there's a great design to grab.

At the time of writing there have been no further details on when the Final Fantasy collection will be released, or what its price and availability will be. However, Uniqlo's collaborations are usually announced ahead of their release, so fans should have plenty of time to get excited.