Final Fantasy VII Fans Can Now Pre-Order Cloud in a Dress

Image courtesy of Square Enix

A new Play Arts Figure of Cloud Strife in his dress disguise is now up for pre-order via Amazon.

One of Final Fantasy VII's most memorable moments is Aerith's attempt to disguise our pointy-haired hero as a girl for Wall Market's crime boss, Don Corneo. In the original, Cloud was given a few more polygons to pad him out with a slightly more feminine appearance — a few pigtails and a nice dress, though for most part players had to use their imagination.

Thanks to Final Fantasy VII: Remake, the scenes were reimagined with modern, high-end graphics, and players could see Cloud in a whole new light.

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Cloud Strife Dress Version Up for Pre-Order

Square Enix have decided to immortalize Cloud's dressed-up look by creating a new highly-detailed Play Arts Figure.

Those eager to add this Cloud Strife dress figurine to their collection can pre-order both the Play and Static Arts version via Amazon.

The figures won't stick around for long, and pre-orders are likely limited. The popularity of not only Cloud, but Cloud in a dress, will make this a sought after collector's item.