Final Fantasy XVI Level Cap

Final Fantasy XVI is set for release this June.
Final Fantasy XVI is set for release this June. / Square Enix

Follow Clive Rosfield, the eldest son of the Archduke of Rosaria, on a quest to avenge his little brother, Joshua, in Final Fantasy XVI. In a dangerous world of powerful creatures named Eikons and an infectious substance called Blight, Rosfield must slay the monster that took his brother’s life.

Players are excited to dive into the 16th installment of the popular franchise. Plenty of them are also wondering what Clive’s maximum level is.

Final Fantasy XVI Level Cap

Clive’s maximum level is 100, but there’s a catch. You cannot reach this level while playing through the Story-focused or Action-focused Modes. Players must complete one playthrough of either mode first and then unlock New Game Plus to reach Clive’s fullest potential. Once that’s done, Final Fantasy Mode will be available, and Clive’s max level will increase to 100 when you start it. Until then, the swordsman’s level cap will be 50. 

Final Fantasy Mode is the toughest level, with enemies that have increased aggression, levels, and stats. Luckily, you can upgrade the max level of your gear and reinforce Eikon weapons. Many things, like items, Clive’s level, and unlocked abilities, also transfer to this mode. Therefore, the journey will be challenging, but not hard enough for you to rage quit.