Find the Button Fortnite Code

Find the Button Fortnite Code is 8310-9370-5129.

What is the game mode and how do you play it? Here's what you need to know

Find the Button Fortnite Code

Find the Button is a Creative Mode by SwitchupYT. To play this mode, first you must start a Creative Server. Then, find a featured Rift, and then punch in the code 8310-9370-5129 for Find the Button 2.

The second iteration of Find the Button features eight levels. There is a hidden button you must find in each room to advance to the next level.

The buttons are deviously hidden, and are actually the tops of wooden structures hidden in the map. They take two shots to break, and breaking one will give you access to the next level, as the gates partitioning the levels are actually connected to the "button." Some are hiding in plain sight, while others will need you to scour every and any crevice to find.

If you want to check out the first Find the Button, the code is 8685-4929-8416. Happy hunting!