Find the Case File: Hitman 3: How to Complete the Objective

Find the Case File: Hitman 3
Find the Case File: Hitman 3 / Photo Courtesy of IO Interactive

Finding the Case File in Hitman 3 allows players to complete a crucial objective. With many players looking to complete the third installment of the World of Assassination trilogy, many players sometimes find themselves stumped in certain tasks they need to complete. We're always here to aid you in your quest to finish the game.

One of these tasks is in the second location of Dartmoor. Finding the case file is a mandatory objective that you must complete, along with eliminating Alexa Carlisle. Unfortunately, it isn't marked on your map, which is why many players have been having some struggles.

Find the Case File: Hitman 3: How to Complete the Objective

There is no specific timeframe in which you need to get the files. You can get them before you eliminate Alexa, after you eliminate Alexa, or get her to hand them over to you if you time it right. However, if you're just looking for the location so you can move on with the game, we have that. The Case File is in a hidden safe inside of Alexa's office. The office is located on the second floor of her estate.

There are multiple ways to reach the file, undetected. However, the easiest way is to obtain a bodyguard disguise and walk straight up to it. You'll also need to use the safe code, 1975, press the button on the chair, enter the code, and retrieve the file. If you're looking to get the files handed to you, you can solve the Dartmoor murder mystery and ask for the files as a reward.

If you want to solve the murder mystery it takes a few more steps. In order to solve that mystery, you'll have to do the following.

  • Disguise yourself as the Private Investigator
  • Speak to Alexa in the foyer
  • Investigate Zachary's Room
  • Ask Mr. Fernsby for more information
  • Question the five suspects and inspect their rooms for clues
  • Return to Mr. Fernsby
  • Go to Alexa's office
  • Accuse Emma, Zachary, or Mr. Fernsby
  • Ask for the Case files as a reward.

After that, you can either kill Alexa while she deliberates on the balcony, or you can wait for her to give you the files, all up to you. We'll keep you up to date on any other difficult scenarios we find in Hitman 3. And if you're looking to keep up to date on the game, we have everything you need to know, here.