The Most Overpowered PlayStyle+ Has Finally Been Nerfed in EA Sports FC 24

EA Sports

EA Sports revealed the FC 24 Holiday Update patch notes detailing a major change to the gameplay systems that has been widely requested since launch.

PlayStyles, a new feature in FC 24, revamped how the Traits system works in Ultimate Team. PlayStyles are unique boosts players have in-game that can alter how a player operates on the pitch. As well, there are PlayStyle+ badges that give players an even bigger boost to said category. One of the most overpowered PlayStyles since launch has been Finesse Shot. The badge and the players who carry it have dominated the meta. Mohamed Salah, Antoine Griezmann and Heung-min Son are by far the three most popular attackers.

Finally, EA Sports is addressing Finesse Shot and Finesse Shot+ in the Holiday Update.

The Most Overpowered PlayStyle+ Has Finally Been Nerfed in EA Sports FC 24

"With this update we have adjusted the shot accuracy by players with the Finesse and Finesse+ PlayStyles as they were more effective than intended, resulting in an excessive amount of goals with this type of shot. Our intent with this change is to reduce the number of inauthentic goals scored from players with the Finesse and Finesse+ PlayStyles," EA Sports said in the Pitch Notes.

Now, the actual patch change reads, "Slightly reduced finesse shot accuracy when performed by players." How that change will actually feel throughout games remains to be seen, but at minimum it seems EA Sports has finally heard player complaints of wild shots going in from 30 yards out. Plus, that should open up the meta a bit more with players choosing to not use the same three attackers in their squads.

As well, the Power Header PlayStyle and PlayStyle+ have been nerfed reducing the shot accuracy slightly.

EA Sports FC 24 Holiday Update Gameplay Changes

EA Sports is also changing how the game feels overall. Here are the changes EA Sports is making to key gameplay areas:

  • Reduced midfield congestion.
  • Reduced sideline pressure on attackers.
  • Decreased manual goalkeeper movement speed and positioning.
  • More offensive minded wingbacks in 3 and 5 at the back formations

EA Sports FC 24 Holiday Update Release Date

There has not been an official release date posted for the Holiday Update. EA Sports mentioned it would roll out in the coming days, but no specific date has been specified as of writing.