Fire Embers Wizards Unite: How to Collect Fire Embers for SOS Assignments

Fire Embers in Wizards Unite can be drops from Fire Confoundables, which can be found at random spots on the map. While playing Wizards Unite and working around the map, players can find different encounters.

You'll be working with Hermione Granger to finish these assignments.

Fire Embers Wizards Unite

To find Fire Embers, you'll need to spend some time walking around the Wizards Unite map looking for Fire Confoundables. You can never simply pinpoint the exact ones you need, so spend time around Fortresses or Inns and keep looking. Eventually, you'll find the Fire Confoundables. Players have been complaining about a high run-rate, so don't discouraged if they tend to run away. Just stay at it.

Photo courtesy of Niantic Labs