Fire Emblem Dark Mage: Should You Choose to Play Dark Mage?

Fire Emblem Dark Mage is an intermediate class that can use dark tomes to cast spells to fight opponents. Here is some key information you might want to know if you are considering playing with a Dark Mage.

Fire Emblem Dark Mage

The Dark Mage has relatively mediocre ratings for all of his stats and is male-only. However, he has the highest rated magic stat of any of the spell-based intermediate classes. The Dark Mage is a good choice for players who are primarily focused on offensive play.

The Dark Mage requires a dark seal for the certification exam. In order to obtain this, you must defeat Death Knight. Death Knight will be encountered by Chapter 18. He has a certification requirement of a C.

Some skills that the Dark Mage has are Miasma Delta, Heartseeker, and Poison Strike. Miasma Delta is a mid-level magic attack. Heartseeker affects all adjacent enemies to the Dark Mage, causing them to suffer an Avo penalty of -20. Poison Strike is a class mastery that causes enemies to lose up to an extra 20% of damage to their max HP if the Dark Mage initiates combat and lands a hit.

Hopefully, this will give you some insight as to whether you may want to consider playing with a Dark Mage.

Photo Courtesy of Nintendo/INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS