Fire Emblem Three Houses Casual or Classic

Fire Emblem Three Houses Casual or Classic mode gives flexibility to how players want to approach the game. So which should you pick?

Fire Emblem Three Houses Casual or Classic

Fire Emblem, a long running series, had always been somewhat difficult to get into because of one key gameplay aspect: when your characters die, they stay dead for the story. Affectionately, it's called Permadeath.

Fortunately in recent entries, Casual mode is included. The only difference is that in Casual Mode, when your characters die, they are just incapacitated for the current fight. There is actually different dialogue between the two; in casual mode they will say they must retreat, and in classic mode they will lament their fall and for disappointing you.

While your units will survive in the story, if your player character dies, then the game is over no matter what mode you choose.

One of the main mechanics in Three Houses is Divine Pulse, an ability that rewinds the turns. You can go back even as far as the beginning of the battle. While only usable a limited amount of times per combat, this will reduce time spent soft resetting that JRPG players are all too familiar with.

Because of this ability, you can play the game on Classic mode more smoothly, and if you're on the Normal difficulty, you shouldn't have any problems. If you really just want to enjoy the story, you can make sure all your characters will survive to the end by choosing Casual mode.

Photo courtesy of Nintendo/INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS.