Fire Emblem: Three Houses New Game+ Guide

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a huge game. I'm talking gigantic. The game features four unique story routes, one for each of the eponymous Three Houses and another for the Church. Each route has over 80 hours of gameplay, and the story is framed in a way that rewards multiple playthroughs.

Each route presents its own mysteries, and not all the answers. To get the full story, you'll have to do them all. Without any spoilers, here is everything you can do in New Game+.

What Carries Over in New Game+

As the game is designed to be played multiple times, going through an 80 hour story mode four times can be daunting. Much of the New Game+ mechanics exist to smooth out your multiple playthroughs so you're not wasting time doing what you've already done. In New Game+, your units will all reset but the game will remember their highest ranks and classes. Your Professor rank and skills will also reset, but the information of what you had will be saved. In addition, the progress on the Saint Statues will remain. That means if you have any bonuses like additional Divine Pulses unlocked, they will carry over.

Save Time with Renown

With the Renown system, you can save a lot of time by essentially buying back previous abilities you had in the last playthrough. By going to the Journal in your quarters, you can start spending Renown to get back things you had in a previous playthrough.

You can buy back Professor levels for 500 Renown each stage, which will give you more time earlier so you can work on recruiting students faster.

For students you've supported in previous playthroughs, you can spend 400 Renown to buy back each support level. You can focus on earning new student supports by just buying back your old ones.

You can also buy back any Classes your units had unlocked, so you don't have to reteach those students. Again, you can now just focus on the new students you haven't recruited before. Basically, the 500 Renown cost will take the place of the Seal you would normally use to re-class a unit.

You can also buy back Skill Levels with Renown. New skills have to be learned the old fashioned way, but old ones are available for 500 Renown.

New Game+ also lets you spend 1000 Renown to buy Crest Stones, which will give the unit holding it that Crest's ability.

Visit Sothis in the Holy Tomb

When you go to the amiibo Gazebo, you can now visit Sothis in the Holy Tomb. The Holy Tomb will also have some rare items lying around, so it's good to visit her on your Explore days.

Talking to Sothis in the Tomb for the first time will unlock Sothis Shield, a New Game+ combat command that gives all your units +7 resist for three turns. You can only use it once per battle, and the resist bonuses diminishes each turn that passes while it's active.

Change Your Units' Appearances

In your Journal, you can also change your students' appearances. You can select from their Student or War attire; the student attire is how they look pre-time skip and war is post. The house leaders Edelgard, Claude, and Dimitri also have alternative hairstyles you can equip once you've completed the game once. You can only change the appearance of students in your class, however.

The game is huge, but with all of these New Game+ features to smooth it out, it really is worth playing through all of the routes. The story and lore are deeply intriguing, and each route has dramatically different outcomes. Don't let the size of the game keep you from experiencing everything it has to offer.

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Photo courtesy of INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS/Nintendo.